Living Our Dreams, Part Two

I heard a song on a Christian radio station the other day about being the person God created me to be, and the idea keeps running through my mind. If I were being my true self, the self God created me to be, I would be….

As I walked Detroit the other morning, the words to that song came back to me. She is part Terrier, part Chihuahua, heavy on the Terrier. She was bred to sniff out vermin, and she is good at it.

One day in PA, she had her nose stuck under the radiator, a low growl coming from deep in her belly. I told her to “leave it,” but she would not; she was unyielding. Finally, I got a broom and while saying to her, “There is nothing under there,” I pushed the broom handle under the radiator—and out ran a little mouse. I had never had mice in my house, so I was startled, but Detroit was not. She knew a mouse was under there, and she was on the job of flushing it out.

Recently, I heard that Detroit (the city) once had a tree canopy so dense a squirrel could go from the east side to the west side of the city without ever touching the ground. That is no longer true, and to Detroit (my dog) this is a happy fault. Squirrels have to come down out of the trees, and Detroit is ready for them.

When we are walking and she sees a squirrel, she focuses all her attention on it. She crouches down and approaches slowly, creeping along until she is within five feet or so. Sometimes she freezes and watches, every muscle in her body tense as she prepares to pounce. I allow her to follow her instincts, sometimes standing still for a minute or two, because I love watching her be her true self.

Thankfully, she has never caught a squirrel, not even in the yard when she is off leash, but when I watch her stalking them, I know that this is her true self, this is what she was created to do, and it comes absolutely naturally to her. She will chase a rabbit or run toward birds, but squirrels are her true passion.

How wonderful to be so clear about one’s passion and so faithful to one’s true calling. If I were being my true self, the self God created me to be, I would be….


12 thoughts on “Living Our Dreams, Part Two

  1. Jean Mulcahy

    I love your blog!! I am still thinking of what my dream job would be…I have tried to decide this before, and always seemed to get bogged down in non-critical (but still on some level, important) facets of a job…so I guess this is still a work in progress.
    Thanks for today’s food-for-thought!

    1. Madeline Bialecki Post author

      Jean, I thought you had the dream job! I have met the “Jean” at my new church, and I think her job is a dream job, too. I think there is something about the “rightness” of a dream job–a good fit, even if just for a while. I think the underlying “created to be” kind of thing is more foundational and inherent (like Detroit’s being bred to hunt vermin). The God part tells me that it is about love and forgiveness and acceptance and letting go. But, that is not a job, and we do have to eat.

  2. Michele Baldwin

    There is a Chinese saying that “the most useful part of a bowl is its emptiness.” Perhaps your passion right now is just to “be with” this emptiness…and wait.

  3. John

    I’ve always heard that age brings wisdom. Well I’m still waiting . . . I may run out of years before I become wise! I’ve been thinking lately that maybe there’s wisdom in finally realizing that there are no answers here.

    We learned the whole of love,
    The alphabet, the words,
    A chapter, then the mighty book–
    Then revelation closed.

    But in each other’s eyes
    An ignorance beheld
    Diviner than the childhood’s,
    And each to each a child.

    Attempted to expound
    What neither understood.
    Alas, that wisdom is so large
    And truth so manifold!

    Emily Dickinson


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