“During the time young Samuel was minister to the Lord under Eli, a revelation of the Lord was uncommon and vision infrequent.”                                                                        1 Samuel 3:1

So much depends on expectations.

I recently watched a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man” the story of a Detroit musician named Rodriguez who is famous in South Africa (“bigger than Elvis”) but relatively unknown here. It was a wonderful story of two realities—the life he was living in Detroit working in home demolition and reconstruction, and the life of his art in South Africa which inspired thousands of people. He had no idea his music had made it to South Africa.

Eventually some people from South Africa found Rodriguez and brought him there—and he performed before sold-out audiences.

In the film, one of his daughters comments that Detroit “is a city that tells you not to dream big, not to expect anything more.” She says that in South Africa her father is being who he really is—a musician.

A friend of mine who wanted to be a doctor once said to me, “Imagine what we could have accomplished if we had been encouraged to live up to our potential.” She had a dream and could compare her real life to her dream. But I never even had a dream. No one expected me to accomplish anything. I did not know I had potential. Like Rodriguez, I simply “lived my reality.”

During Advent and Christmas, the line from scripture that stayed with me was “Nothing is impossible with God.” I have found myself saying this line repeatedly: Nothing is impossible with God. And if nothing is impossible, then anything and everything is possible.

The line referred to both Mary and Elizabeth, two women whose lives veered off from their expectations. I am especially relating to Elizabeth, who unexpectedly had a son “in her old age.”

When I look back, even a few years, I know that where I am now is not where I expected to be. My life has veered off from my expectations, radically. I have a new life in a new place, a new home, new job—all kinds of “new.”

For me, at this late age, I am birthing a new dream, a new expectation for my life. I am actually writing down the ideas that have been swirling around inside my head for the past fifty years—and publishing them for others to read. Writing is my dream, and I think “a writer” is who I really am.

God wants to give me everything and more. I only need to dream it, expect it, be open to it, receive it and live it.



10 thoughts on “Becoming

  1. Patrick

    Madeline…you are a spiritual cheer-leader! Thanks for the encouragment…now I want to go out there and throw a touch-down pass! Sincerely these are words that I really needed to hear this morning! They rival the Starbuck (3 shot expresso) I just finished! Keep writing!!!


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