Happiness: a matter of balance and focus

This piece taps into my notion of doing more of what makes me happy.

James R. Neal

What would make an entire group of people — an entire state, even — collectively unhappy? Conversely, what could be done individually to reverse this trend, and to find contentment and peace in an environment characterized by discontent and angst? I set out to answer these trivial questions yesterday after reading a report that listed my adopted state as the second-least happy state in the nation.

Enid, Okla. — A study released Monday by the financial analysis firm WalletHub ranked Oklahoma as the second-least happy state in the nation.

The WalletHub study examined 28 metrics linked by various studies to happiness, grouped in emotional and physical well-being; work environment; and community and environment. The findings placed Oklahoma in 49th place in the nation for happiness measures, followed only by West Virginia.

The top five, or most happy, states in the nation were Minnesota, Utah, Hawaii, California and Nebraska, according to…

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1 thought on “Happiness: a matter of balance and focus

  1. Karen

    Interesting article, Madeline. Thanks for sharing. I’ve often wondered how they come out with these studies and who are the people that actually participate in them? I’ve never been asked??? Anyway, I agree with you that it’s important to find the things that make you happy and then do more of it…I’m still trying to find out what makes me the happiest? Take care.


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