5 thoughts on “Diverting the stream

  1. annemarielom

    How inspiring, Madeline! One small change can lead to very large changes and you have done that many times. Kudos to you and your mighty spirit. Happy All Saints Day!

  2. Jane Banik


    I sure can relate to this little story. My whole life is filled with these people; some, it took years for me to even realize how great a role that they had played!

    Madeline, one of our grandchildren, Sarah is studying nursing at Pace in New York. She is in the process of doing rotations in various areas of her studies in the hospital. She is writing blogs about her interactions with patients in psychiatric wards, children coming out of surgery, etc. to convey her feelings while trying to help them. What is amazing is her ability to express her inner soul during these encounters; and she is writing these blogs In rhyme! They are works of art!

    I’ve moved to another unit in the building. My landlord became ill and her children needed to put the condo up for sale. Fortunately, I found another unit to rent one story up. I’m in UNit 905.



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  3. linda Busch

    Made me think of the people who entirely changed the course of my life by what were sometimes small things. The miracle lies in them being placed in my life at that exact point in time.

    1. Madeline Bialecki Post author

      The first miracle is that they are placed in our lives at some exact point in time. The second miracle, I think, is that we allow ourselves to be touched, moved, reshaped–open to the process of being changed. Thank you for reading and commenting, Linda.


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