Unable to give voice to their pain,

wounded animals lash out,

biting and scratching,

conveying their fear and vulnerability.

It is pitiable.

Poor thing, we say as we try to

calm and comfort our pets

so we can treat their wounds.

What woundedness causes people to lash out

with scathing remarks and barbed quips?

With sarcasm and name-calling?

What pain is beneath the rude comments?

Are we losing our ability to use our words

to express our pain?

Do we need a refresher course in playing well with others?

Is it time to dust off Emily Post’s book on Etiquette?

Do we need screen-savers with

pithy reminders to be kind to one another,

and to live by the Golden Rule?

I think our kindergarten teachers,

Emily Post and

Jesus Christ

would all shudder at

our daily discourse.

We are not wounded animals.

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