Without gravity to keep me grounded,

a handrail guides my steps, and

I cling tightly to stay anchored to earth.

But then I am distracted or careless,

I don’t know which,

and I let go.

Up, I float,

freed from what bound me,

finally able to fly,

like Peter Pan and Wendy.

Untethered, I feel light as a spring breeze,

gliding gently through the air,

and also a bit anxious.

And then, when I am almost out of reach,

a hand clasps my ankle and pulls me back.

Can I still be free and fly to the land of my dreams?

7 thoughts on “Untethered

  1. Ms. Liz

    I love this Madeline! I feel a disappointment at being ‘rescued’. It reminds me of another poem which recalls the writer as a toddler outside her home, being rescued by her dad from sudden hail. Instead of feeling comforted, the toddler feels “saved without permission” and a feeling of a “revelation interrupted” and not knowing how differently it might have ended! It’s the first poem in the lovely book ‘Upturned’ by fellow NZ writer and blogger, Kay McKenzie Cooke.

    1. Ms. Liz

      ps. I also meant to say we’d visited a town recently on a warm windy day and I saw a single page of A4 paper somehow lift off the pavement and fly high into the sky (like plastic bags do). It caught the wind just right and sailed up high, and I lost sight of it 😀

    2. Madeline Bialecki Post author

      Thank you Ms. Liz. This was a dream, and I, too, was left with feeling happy to be “rescued” and also a bit disappointed not to know where I would have gone. A friend suggested I “cut off the hand” that pulled me back, and I may dialog with the dream to see where that takes me. I will check out Kay McKenzie Cooke–thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Madeline Bialecki Post author

        When my friend Jim had brain cancer and I was his caregiver, I discovered that God kept inviting me to say “yes” to every question. YES is definitely the answer.

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