Making room

My tears flowed freely, and this time

I did not stop them.

Loud wails rose from deep within,

and I did not stop them.

Each sob seemed to come from some deeper place,

breaking apart layers of scar tissue,

unblocking paths I hadn’t known were there.

Could I risk plunging in,

free-falling into the abyss,

letting myself go under, and

be completely submerged?

Could I risk feeling that kind of deep sorrow,

immersing myself in it and

letting it take me down

until I feel like I am drowning,

until I cannot catch my breath.

Is that the way through the pain?

Is that the way to move beyond

the grief I carry inside,

to empty myself and

make room to live and love again?

4 thoughts on “Making room

  1. Ms. Liz

    Brilliant! Similar experience, same questions. And, the answer was ‘Yes’. Had to go way deep, and then some. Thanks Madeline, this is so beautifully expressed!

  2. Madeline Bialecki Post author

    Thank you, Ms. Liz. The challenge for me is letting go so I can sink down. As I read your comment, I remembered my first time at a water park, coming down a huge water slide, with my feet bracing against the sides to slow me down. I think I need to return to a water park and let myself fly down the slide!

  3. long4h2o

    Wonderfully expressed! Only you and the Spirit knows if its the way. Trusting yourself to follow the Spirit is where the work is. May your way bear fruit.


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