Through the door

I walk unsteadily,

like a toddler finding my center of gravity,

arms out for balance,

taking one wobbly step after another,

crossing the threshold into a life I have never known.

A flicker of familiarity encourages me

(I don’t have to leave everything behind)

and the known calms my uncertainty.

Is the light coming from ahead to guide my steps or

from the experiences of my past,

encouraging me onward

to step through the door and

begin this journey into

the next chapter of my life.

7 thoughts on “Through the door

      1. Ms. Liz

        I’m glad you did! My imagination’s run riot with the idea of wandering into a field and picking ‘bouquets’ 😀 My idea of paradise!

      2. Madeline Bialecki Post author

        That would be my idea of paradise, too, since I have no talent for flower arranging and when I cut flowers from my garden, they are always along the lines of free-form flower arranging (as in the flowers decide where they want to go).

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