Critters in my garden

Yanking some of the Golden Alexander in my garden (which is technically not invasive, but does spread and needs some aggressive yanking to control it), I happened upon this little critter enjoying one of the leaves. I was happy for the help in keeping the plant under control.



9 thoughts on “Critters in my garden

  1. Nona Josten

    Madeline, it looks like a monarch caterpillar! Is it? Are there milk weed near by? Curious, Nona

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    1. Madeline Bialecki Post author

      One of my cousins is our resident expert on all things Monarch butterflies, and she confirmed it is a Monarch caterpillar and suggested I put some milkweed nearby, which I have done. The Monarchs are so beautiful–and it turns out so are they in caterpillar stage.


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