A visit to Mackinac Island

Earlier this week, a friend from Delaware and I spent a couprle of days on Mackinac Island, which has been voted the Best Island in the Continental U.S. by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

I had been before, but my friend had not. We decided to tour the Island by carriage, which was great fun (and educational). The first half of the tour, on a carriage pulled by a two-horse team–took us through the town, past the Grand Hotel and to a little village where we visited the carriage museum.

One of the carriages in the Carriage Museum on Mackinac Island.

Then we switched to a three-horse team and continued uphill through the state park and on to Arch Rock.

Our three-horse team
Arch Rock

We were surprised at the beautiful flowers and gardens around the island–given it is the end of September.


4 thoughts on “A visit to Mackinac Island

    1. Madeline Bialecki Post author

      It is a very peaceful place, especially after the last ferry leaves for the evening. No cars and very few people. It is lovely, and I highly recommend. Thanks for stopping by.


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