Check your ego at the door

I once belonged to a networking group of about a dozen people, all leaders in our field. One of the ground rules for our networking sessions was to “check your ego at the door.” We all claimed to be “servant leaders” which would imply that our egos would be kept in check, but the reality […]

Making plans

My childhood was somewhat chaotic, and I learned early on that planning something did not necessarily mean it would happen. There were too many moving parts and too many things that were beyond my mother’s control. My takeaway was, don’t bother to plan because whatever I plan is unlikely to happen. I took that belief […]

Rhythm of my heart

(Originally published in Red Tent Living on the theme Woman in Red) Learning about Spanish culture was one part of my college summer school program in Madrid, Spain, and that meant churches, museums, bullfights, and flamenco dances. There were also many visits to nightclubs—called discotecas—but I don’t think my professors considered those part of my […]


I recently did a “the first four words you see will be your words for 2021” game on Facebook. My words were connection, self-care, money and breakthrough. Self-care is the one that resonated most strongly with me, because it is an area that challenges me. The other three, though, who knows what they might mean? […]

Should I stay or should I go?

A reflection in my daily prayer book on Mark 1:18 (“Then they abandoned their nets and followed him,”) pointed out how Jesus called some people to leave everything behind and follow him. But at other times, Jesus turns people away, telling them instead to stay where they are and show themselves to the priests (Mark […]

Start the new year with gratitude

Living in gratitude can be challenging, especially when the events that usually bring about spontaneous joy and gratitude are no longer present in my life. I think of get-togethers with friends and family when I would walk away with a smile on my face, simply grateful to have these people in my life. Or visits […]

Seeking unity

The feast of St. Josaphat was Thursday, a saint known for promoting unity among Christians. My prayer book suggested, “…may we emphasize what unites us as Christians rather than what divides us.” Good advice, I thought, and not just promoting unity as Christians, but especially at this time, promoting unity as citizens of the United […]

Growing in resiliency

I work at a cancer support center that is part of a national organization which hosts an annual conference. Last year, it was in Philadelphia and this year it was virtual. The keynote speaker talked about resilience. This speaker shared that fifteen years ago, he was working in a toxic environment which led to a […]