“You should write a book,” people have often said to me when they learned about some chapter in my life. But I could not see how my story could possibly be of interest. I was resistant to sharing most anything about myself, especially anything spiritual.

But then a friend became a pastor at a church that published a pastor’s reflection in their weekly bulletin. My friend did not like to write, and he asked me if I would ghost-write for him.

It turns out I did want to share my story—just not under my own name, and I wrote his reflections for eight years.

He would often relay the feedback he received about my reflections, which gave me enough confidence to write under my own name and start this blog.

My spiritual journey has been strengthened by what others have shared of their experience of God, and I hope my writing will help someone else.

Jesus told us to “go and make disciples of all the nations.…” (Matthew 28:19) This blog is one way for me to share the Good News of how Jesus’ love and forgiveness has touched my life.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. patrick

    Loved hearing about themes and experiences of trust, risk, edges, Jim, ocean, chocolate and Lenten sacrifices!

  2. sportsdiva64

    Thank you Madeleine for liking my post on Detroit . I love that city and I wish I had more than a weekend there. People believe what they read but I was so glad that I got to see what a vibrant city Motown really is. Can’t wait to go back for either a Tigers or a Red Wings game .

  3. anilbowrothu

    I had gone through the blog, One word about it is ‘top notched’. you should write a book, yeah seriously and you have that potential and passion.

  4. janesig

    Thank you for visiting and feeding back on my blog. Sorry for the delay in responding; have only just found this. WordPress is complicated at times!


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